What visitors often notice first is Christ Community Church’s relaxed atmosphere. We want you to come and feel genuinely welcome. We strive to make our worship and teaching dynamic and relevant so that people can connect with a present God.

Our desire is that you find Christ Community Church a safe place to investigate God’s story, His claims and to relate with Him on a personal level. We strive to make our church a place where people are accepted, not judged. We’re big enough for you to blend in, yet small enough for you to easily plug in—if you so desire.  We offer a network of growth groups where friends are made and people are cared for deeply. You can remain in the background as long as you like, or you can jump right in and get involved…it’s completely up to you.

Our gathering at Christ Community Church is inter-generational and multi-ethnic. We celebrate this diversity!  The church is located in the heart of Historic Lockport at 140 Genesee St. and people come from the surrounding neighborhood, the greater Lockport area and many outlying communities.

Whether you’re just starting to ask questions about God or you’d like to sink the roots of your relationship with Him even deeper, we invite you to find a home at Christ Community Church!  We gather each Sunday morning at 10 am for worship. We would love to have you join us!

God Bless,

Pastor Kevin and The Members of Christ Community Church